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Business Solutions for Everyone

From our commissions engine to our social sharing tools, DirectScale supports corporate and
field users in businesses of any size. And because it’s architected as SaaS, our tiered plans will move you
forward from day one, whether you’re just opening your doors or already dominating your industry.


Unlimited Users

Minimum monthly Licensing fee:


Licensing based on revenue

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The Starter Tier features include:

Unlimited users


Collaborate with your teams

  • Streamlined user communication with text and email alerts
  • Do-it-yourself custom branding
  • Targeted corporate advertising by persona

Enable Sales

  • Configurable training modules
  • Social media marketing resources
  • Frictionless retail shopping experience
  • Lead capture and contact management

Develop businesses

  • Commissions analysis and rank advancement tools
  • End-user reporting
  • Seamless order and AutoShip management

Maximize revenue

  • Rules-based, unilevel template commissions engine
  • Pricing strategy tools
  • KPIs and full reports
  • Complete data access with SQL

Streamline operations

  • Order management
  • eCommerce/product management system and integration
  • Customer service hub

Take control of IT

  • Field web office configurability
  • Custom pages and widgets
  • Content management and segmentation


Unlimited Users

Minimum monthly Licensing fee:


Licensing based on revenue

This tier includes all Starter Tier features, plus:

Unlimited users


Upgraded technical access

  • Public API gateway for 3rd-party integrations
  • Automation and web hooks
  • JavaScript plugin for existing replicated distributor websites

Level up sales

  • International market support with payment methods by market and currency exchange
  • Support for more complex compensation plans like binary and matrix models
  • Upgraded cloud computing power for faster commission runs and more system capacity

Elevate operations

  • Shipping management upgrades with multiple logistics provider support
  • Automated order creation
  • Status update notifications by text and email

Optimize IT

  • Developer platform access
  • System code edit rights for advanced customization
  • Staged development environment to test changes

Business support included

  • Online helpdesk support and product knowledge base
  • Access to our dedicated team of support experts
  • Consultative onboarding and training
  • Quarterly business reviews


Unlimited Users

Minimum monthly Licensing fee:


Licensing based on revenue

This tier includes all Business Tier features, plus:

Unlimited users


Boost business growth

  • Customizable, segmented notifications directly from corporate reports
  • Project future commissions payout

Get maximum technical access

  • Replicated database for data-intensive projects
  • Agile, do-it-yourself compensation plan editor in XML

Go global

  • Increased market support with multiple payment methods, managed exchange rates, and content/product segmentation
  • Upgraded translation capability

Personalized attention

  • Leverage the platform with experience management consulting
  • Strategy meetings with our client success team
  • Free webinars with our system experts

Premium support included

  • Chat with us live, right from the product
  • Phone support
  • Around-the-clock emergency response

Need an enterprise-level solution? Give us a call to chat about dedicated support personnel, 99.9% platform availability SLA, and more.