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In March 2022, DirectScale has acquired DirecTech Labs (DTL), a leader in business intelligence and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the MLM and direct selling industry.

The acquisition of DirecTech Labs by DirectScale will amplify the reach of DirectScale’s network marketing data and commissions capabilities, as well as help our clients leverage data into actionable insights that make them more competitive, retain customers and independent representatives while solving real metric-related problems to grow their revenue.

Some of the benefits DTL brings to DirectScale and our clients include:

  • Better Business Intelligence (BI). Using deep behavioral insights, DirectScale can build next-level data visibility into our core MLM and affiliate commissions platform
  • Combining DirecTech Labs AI behavior profiles with DirectScale’s customizable field back office to create a more engaging, personalized experience.
  • The ability to use billions of data points and deep knowledge of MLM distributor and customer journeys to implement better business practices, revenue retention, and field growth
  • AI-driven, personalized, one-to-one alerts (actionable insights) to enable network marketing companies and their field to focus more on revenue-producing activity with truly measurable results
  • Automatically reviewing each profile and showing how to increase engagement, retention, and lifetime values of reps and customers, providing the right message to the right rep at the right time.

“DirecTech Labs has proven they can drive millions of dollars in new revenue for companies over and over again. We’re excited to add a faster path to our goal of actionable BI, innovate faster, and leverage the rare expertise of Michel, Jordan, and their team” says Rodger Smith, CEO at DirectScale. “This is the perfect combination, their strengths and ours, to level up our company in a meaningful, industry-changing way.”

The acquisition of DTL brings notable MLM and direct selling clients already reaping the advantages of its BI software including LifeVantage and Xyngular. Currently DTL:

  • Operates in 75 countries and in 25 languages
  • Has partnerships with 6 of the top 50 global direct selling organizations
  • Impacts close to 20 million direct sellers and their customers
  • Analyzes 20 billion data points and 23 million direct selling customer life cycles including every Purchase, Sale, Enrollment, Commission, Promotion, and more.

Along with the DirecTech Labs IP, DirectScale adds two experienced executives to the leadership team. Michel Bayan, the Co-Founder and CEO of DirecTech will take on the role of Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and Jordan Zommick, DirecTech Lab Co-Founder and CTO will be Chief Information Officer (CIO) at DirectScale.

“We’ve been bringing powerful insights and better retention to companies for a while but we’ve been limited in areas of the business we could touch and ways we could lever data into actions that help clients grow,”  says Michel Bayan, CEO at DirecTech Labs. “Becoming part of DirectScale opens up a whole world of innovations for the social selling sphere. We’re excited to show the market what we can do for them.”

“No one has done business intelligence in the direct selling industry like this yet,” says Jordan Zommick, CTO at DirecTech Labs. “DirectScale acquiring DirecTech Labs will amplify the client and field experience so, together, we can create and define the future together with our clients instead of trying to catch up to it.”

If you have questions or would like to schedule a demo, please contact sales@directscale.com or request a demo here.