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A company backed with experience.

More than a software solution company, we're a team with years of experience in the direct selling industry who understands the unique needs of your business and will help you problem solve and strategize as much as you need.


Meet the Team

Rodger Smith

Rodger Smith

Founder and CEO

Since 2006, Rodger has brought his entrepreneurial mindset and no-nonsense, sincere leadership style to the direct and social selling industry. As a consultant, he has advised on both the corporate executive and top distributor level at organizations including Stream, TruVision, Nerium, Visalus, Beachbody, Tupperware, AVON, MonaVie, and XanGo among others. As a founder at DirectScale, he now focuses his talents on building enterprise technology solutions that meet the challenges faced by direct and social sellers that he’s experienced firsthand.

Jim Marks

Jim Marks

Founder and CRO

Jim has a strong history of driving strategy development and corporate growth at organizations including MonaVie, NuSkin and iCentris. Jim is driven by challenges and is inspired by the people he works with to put team development at the forefront and integrate growth opportunities throughout the organization. He brings his marketing acumen and sales savvy to DirectScale, where he works to help companies and salespeople drive and plan for success.


What we value

Ownership: We think differently—not like employees, but like owners of our role. We don’t need to wait for orders to solve problems. We drive.
Optimism: We see problems as opportunities, and there is always a solution. We’re not victims—we are creators. When things look impossible, we’ll find a way to solve it.
Continuous Improvement: Creating a best-in-class user experience begins with the idea that our best can always be better. There’s always room for improvement.

DirectScale exists to make business easier for our clients.

You know what your business needs to grow. And our team is committed to offering you the best solutions. So let's get started!

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