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virtual events

  • The #1 Change Our Industry Needs Now

    Make this change in your own company today!

  • Who Is Rodger Smith?

    Learn all about how and why he started DirectScale.


  • The Story of Rodger Smith, DirectScale CEO

    Why He Had to Start this Direct Sales Platform Company

  • Mountains to Climb

    See Some Values that Drive DirectScale (2:15)

  • A day in the life of a Distributor on the DirectScale platform

    See how easy it is to motivate new field reps


  • The Ultimate Guide to Social Selling

    Three How-to Guides in One!

  • The Future of Customer Experience Management in Network Selling

    Mastering the Experiences of Your Customers

  • DirectScale Default Compensation Plan Details

    The Standard Unilevel Compensation Plan in DirectScale

  • Putting People Before Profits

    Making the Best of a Bad Situation

  • The DirectScale Compensation Engine

    The Most Powerful Comp Engine in the World!

  • DirectScale Comp Plan Engine Strengths

    See how our compensation plan engine will make your life easier

client success stories

  • TruVision, Now Truvy, Doesn’t Just Survive; They Thrive

    Million Dollar Days

  • I Can’t Wait!

    From Coder to CMO, She Does It All For MLMs

corporate brochures

  • Product Overview Brochure

    See how DirectScale can help build your business!

  • Corporate Office Brochure

    Run your business your way!

  • Web Office + eCommerce Admin Brochure

    Configure your reps’ Web Office and eCommerce sites to match your brand!

  • Web Office + eCommerce Brochure

    This is where all the magic happens!

  • DirectScale Mobile by Verb

    The New DirectScale Mobile App by Verb!

client instant provisioning journey

  • Client Instant Provisioning Journey: Starter Tier

  • Client Instant Provisioning Journey: Business & Premium Tiers

  • Client Instant Provisioning Journey: All Tiers