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DirectScale and SolutionStream Form Strategic Agreement to Provide Rich Customer Experiences

I’m happy to announce that DirectScale has entered into a strategic agreement with SolutionStream, an industry leader in strategy, custom software solutions and professional services, to deliver the best direct-selling, independent seller and customer experiences in our industry. Among their many areas of expertise is integration services, and their team is intimately familiar with DirectScale’s Platform. DirectScale will continue to innovate and deliver the most advanced SaaS-based direct-selling software platform in the industry. In addition, SolutionStream will be DirectScale’s preferred integration and implementation partner and will offer custom development services to DirectScale clients. As such, this relationship will provide DirectScale customers access to a dedicated team of SolutionStream solution architects, developers and project managers to help implement and integrate the DirectScale solution and its partner plugins. SolutionStream developers will also be available to create custom integrations using our open-API architecture for other third-party products our clients use.

Fine-tuning Our Focus

Prior to this alliance, DirectScale employed a team of solution managers, developers and project managers that worked with our customers to implement the platform into their client environments. They also built custom integrations for the DirectScale platform. Those team members became SolutionStream employees on October 1, 2019 and will continue to work with our clients as they have in the past. They are now working with DirectScale clients as SolutionStream clients. With the improved processes in workflow and communication, all the implementation, custom development and integration custom work is now delivered from SolutionStream. This separation of roles enables each company to fine-tune its focus on delivering what it does best.

How Customers Will Benefit

DirectScale was founded to empower people in the direct-selling industry who want to help themselves create and enjoy a better life. DirectScale improved and delivered powerful tools to the entire industry to help those people succeed. DirectScale is focused on helping companies provide the best and richest customer experiences available in the market that enable those people to be successful. DirectScale is more committed now than ever to delivering on those principles and executing on its core competencies.

DirectScale’s core competencies include innovating and providing software that empowers our customers to maximize their revenue and provide more engaging and meaningful experiences to their field and to their customers. The quickly evolving social commerce landscape comprises ecommerce, multi-level marketing, affiliate marketing and direct and social selling. Together they offer immense opportunities that will benefit our industry and customers. We will deliver the solutions to seize those opportunities.

During the last several months we explored ways of how we could execute more effectively on our core competencies and innovate faster and more efficiently. We also evaluated our relationship with SolutionStream and examined how we could partner more closely and create stronger opportunities to maximize our core competencies for our customers. This new strategic relationship will provide increased capacity within both companies by allowing each to focus on their area of expertise without duplicating efforts. With each company focusing clearly on its strengths, we can produce a combined result for our customers that is greater than the sum of our separate efforts.

Both of the companies, and our mutual customers alike, will benefit from this new direction. DirectScale and SolutionStream have a long history of trust that has been formed while working closely together on many projects during the past decade. That trust has built strong relationships between the two teams, making this a logical step to serve our customers at a higher level.

Why DirectScale Chose SolutionStream

Combined with their delivery approach, SolutionStream bridges the gap between business needs and realizing results. By using collaborative, up-front planning, agile development methods and traditional project management processes, SolutionStream provides:

  • Speed-to-value: SolutionStream helps you see results quickly by investing in reusable assets and collaboration technologies. Their rapid design and delivery model shows value early on, and leverages user feedback to create a better product. Their simple goal is to create great software on time and on budget.
  • Powerful business and technical insight: SolutionStream’s project teams bring hands-on expertise in implementing innovative technical solutions. Having successfully completed more than 2,000 projects for hundreds of clients across a wide range of industries, SolutionStream will apply that experience to DirectScale clients’ specific needs.
  • Optimal cost: The efficiency and scale of SolutionStream’s teams combined with the use of streamlined methods and tools helps deliver solutions at the optimal price point.
  • Reduced risk and predictable results: To instill greater confidence and have no “surprises” in the end, SolutionStream teams use a consistent approach with built-in quality assurance mechanisms.

Beyond these, DirectScale has chosen to align itself closely with SolutionStream because of the complementary expertise it has proven to have in thousands of joint projects in the past. The alignment of company culture, management and industry vision was also a crucial part of the equation.

Why SolutionStream Chose DirectScale

Inarguably the most powerful cloud-hosted platform for direct-selling companies, DirectScale’s open-API architecture makes it the most comprehensive suite of tools available to the direct-selling market. DirectScale’s leadership and expertise in the MLM, direct-selling and social-selling markets uniquely positions the company to develop the innovative solutions this industry needs. Delivering its advanced solutions to the industry gives DirectScale invaluable insights it uses to innovate.

SolutionStream is the largest custom software provider in the direct-sales industry and has been for nearly 25 years. SolutionStream is fortunate to have custom built, implemented and integrated thousands of products for its customers. For SolutionStream, it is about using this background and producing predictable processes to ensure they are able to gain consistent high-level results in their implementations. Looking for the right partner to merge both SolutionStream’s direct sales and extensive implementation and integration experience, DirectScale was the obvious solid stand out. The DirectScale platform had what SolutionStream was looking for and what the industry lacks. DirectScale delivers up-to-date software, a great user experience, and a flexible and scalable architecture. The two companies compliment each other at every level.

The DirectScale Commitment

The DirectScale direct-selling software has been developed with years of critical expertise in the MLM market, and this alliance enables us to recommit our focus on innovating and extending the functionality of the software to even better meet the demands of the rapidly growing—and rapidly changing—direct-selling industry. SolutionStream’s efforts will focus on implementing and integrating the DirectScale software into DirectScale clients’ environments and providing software customizations directly to them, as needed. With this new alliance, we will not only be able to help build stronger and more successful businesses, but we’ll also be improving the lives of thousands of people around the world together.

About DirectScale

DirectScale, Inc., established in 2015 and headquartered in Lindon, Utah is a SaaS software company focused on delivering solutions designed to seamlessly meet the needs of the direct- and social-sales industry. With a focus on intuitive user experience and a full suite of true SaaS cloud-powered business management tools, DirectScale is committed to empowering its clients to maximize their revenue by providing more engaging and meaningful experiences to their field and to their customers.

About SolutionStream

SolutionStream, Inc., established in 1996 and headquartered in Lehi, Utah is a full-service professional services company specializing in digital strategy, custom information technology, information security, technical operations, consulting and R&D services. SolutionStream builds federal, public and private sector software solutions, ranging from mission-critical software systems to business optimization, design and strategy approaches. They supply their clients with cost effective, high quality solutions that support business and financial goal.