Keep your business moving with a
commissions database you can trust.
On-Time and Accurate
On-Time and Accurate: Pay commissions with confidence; correctly and on time. Our scalable, SaaS platform gives you actionable, real-time data right at your fingertips.
Scalable: Have the freedom to scale up or down without delay or interruption in commissions, and without ever painting yourself into a corner.
100% Cloud-Hosted
100% Cloud-Hosted: Flexibility is one thing, but keeping your data secure and always backed up is peace of mind every company deserves.
Customizable: Use what works best for you. Our open-API platform lets you integrate with any 3rd-party or in-house point solution that helps drive your business.

Product Features

Rules-based commission engine accommodates any number of commission payment structures including unilevel, binary, trinary, breakaway, matrix, and more, including complex bonus structures. Also includes specific configurations for all types of direct selling organizations.
Avoid costly mistakes in commission payout by creating any number of commission profiles to test modifications to your compensation or bonus plan before making them live.
Give your C-Suite the view they need to see business critical information on a real-time basis.
Give your corporate field support team the information and tools they need to manage and support field leader issues and requests.
Keep all your transactions in one place for merchant accounts, money in, money out, tax calculations and exchange rate managers.
Access your data and information the way you want to see it through a powerful reporting engine or through the ability to run your own sql queries.

Full Integration

Everything from ERP and financials to CRM and e-commerce.

Make your job easier with full integration of your favorite business management solutions.

Don’t see your favorite? Let us know and we can help.